Friday, December 31, 2010

Fu Lin符璘石刻

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Dear Sun Hoo clansman,

> The attachment is all in Chinese, I am sorry it is not come in English, we
> will get volunteer to translate it for the sake of the wholly English
> educated clansman.
> Fu Lin
符璘 is the loyal general of Tang dynasty in 8th centuary, there is a
> stone tablet carving describing a warfare in Jun county, historians are
> disputing whether the scripts do refer to Fu Lin, this stone carving is
> situated in a hill at northern Henan according to the archives.
> There is another piece believe to be in Shanxi, the stone charactor is from

> one of the great calligrapher, Liu Gongquan 柳公权, I have tried to seek

> assistance from China clansmen to find out where exactly about it.
> Anyway, Fu Lin is the ancestor of all Hainanese Fu clan. There were 5
> important known migrant figures, that is Fu Yuansheng
符元生 of Tang era, Fu
> Meng
符盟 of Song era, Fu Youchen符有辰 of Song era, Fu Zhu 符渚 of Song
> era, Fu Daben
符大本 of Yuan era, all are the offsprings of Fu Lin!
> Thus Fu Lin is the important figure in Fu clan, he was bestowed with a title
> of Lord Yiyang for his contribution to the country, we believe this is the
> reason for all branches of Hainanese Fu clan is using the name of "Hall of
> Yiyang"
义阳堂" to memorise the ancestor.
So Fu clan is famous in Tang dynasty.

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