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Foo Clan Temple and Web address 2013

Foo Clan AssociationSingapore:    

52 Lorong 24A, Geylang Singapore 398576.
Thailand Fu Clan Temple
625/627/629 Pracharaj 1 Road,
10800 Thailand
Cell: +66-8-1377-8567 (Mr Foo Chuan Boo 符传武 - Chief Administrative Officer)
we have a Chinese Fu Clan website, that is  符氏宗亲网 which is administrated by our China clansman which update regularly.


Penang, 符氏社网站

To start your search of your Foo( Fu)’s root , please click the recent established site Fu (Foo) Clan Web 符氏宗親網: ,
 and an English synopsis of the Foo

美國 符氏族譜 is for Those who are interested in Foo (Fu)符氏Genealogy. This is specific for those who link with Foo Hong 大焕, the 31st generation after You3chen2 有辰, 74th generation from Ya3雅. His biography Hopefully, other Foo can also use the materials and links in this site to trace to their ancestry.e.g.: the migration map; other FOO site: most active/important is 新加坡符氏社网站. and Penang


Following is from Chik Hee Foo符绩熙 He is the most enthusiastic person to get you connected.There is a digital root book of Foo Clan in CD available in Singapore site
For searching the Fu clan or Foo clan archives or relics articles you may log into with Chinese character as this site is more friendly on searching for Chinese related data. If I am not wrong it is the biggest Chinese search engine, it is listed in NY Stock Exchange, the price is at least more than USD100 per share!

The current Fu Clan websites/blogs are as follows:
1. 海南宗亲网 (最受欢迎的符氏留言版)
2. 山东郓城荷泽符孟标宗亲设立
3. 山东郓城荷泽符孟标宗亲设立
4. 山东郓城荷泽符孟标宗亲设立
5. 天堂纪念馆 - 符氏宗亲 (Look for the first few hundred messages, it was good and get turn bad after sometime due to poor maintainance)
6. 由安徽符东淮设立., 江西宁都符小荣管理
7. 鲁琅琊符氏网  
9 新加坡符氏社网站
10. 新浪网同万家姓—符姓
11. 新浪网同万家姓—苻姓 新浪网同万家姓—付姓天堂纪念馆—符氏宗祠 
12. 华东符氏宗亲网络博客  
13. 西南符氏宗亲网络博客  
14. 东北符氏宗亲网络  
15. 华北符氏宗亲网络博客  
16. 陕西符氏网络博客   

Honestly, most of the sites are not up to expectation, a lots of information are misleading or disputable, thus I have tried to get assistance from our clansmen in China do up a more seriously or rather professional site which the article have to verify by our group of historians, the site shall be in Chinese & English. It is timely to get in touch with you because we believe the website will be much enhanced with the English language orientated clansman.I have got 符孟标 to handle this, he is busy with his examination now, we shall wait a while, it is still in early stage, I shall keep you posted. Infact all of us are busying on our own career thus it will take sometime to take off. We have registered two domains for this purpose, that is and

 Chik Hee Foo符绩熙 2008

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