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Theme Park at Kaifeng 《清明上河图》

《清明上河图》Theme Park at Kaifeng

This painting portrays the life of East capital (now Kaifeng, Henan) of Northern Song Dynasty. This was the time of our ancestor, Lord Wei ,King Fu Yan-Qing 魏王符彥卿 (0-40,897-975 AD) *. He was the father in law of Song Taizong 宋太宗, second emperor of the song Dynasty, "Burning of the Jinyang city"Song Taiping xing guo four years (AD 979) May 18, Song Taizong captured the capital of the North Han Jinyang (now Taiyuan City) 漢都城晉陽(今太原城, Just days after that, he issued one of the mostbrutal edict, Jinyang city was burnt into ashes The city was built 1500 years ago, was the ancient Capital of China. City, Fu Yan-qing was later ordered to reconstruct Taiyuan City.

Dear SH,
Thank you for the mentioned footage featuring the glorious period of Dongjing (東京) , Upper Song Dynasty (北宋), it remind us the period where our ancestors were known as the noblemen.
Lord Wei (魏王) Fu Yanqing (符彥卿) was the father-in-law of 2nd Emporer of Song Dynasty, Song Taizong (宋太宗) ;his second son Fu Zhaoyuan (符昭願) was much favoured by Song Taizong (宋太宗) and his son Song Zhenzong (宋真宗). He was phrased by the historians for his calibre, his proud record was being entrusted with the task of re-building Taiyuan (太原) city after the city was ruined to ashes during a warfare with Beihan (北漢) which was supported by Qidan (契丹)。

Through the Youtube we could have some glimpses of how the generation of our ancestor was living.

CH 20 February 2011

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