Friday, December 31, 2010

Hainan songs:

To learn a language or culture, it is easier to start listening to the song.

I find several YouTube posting of Hainan songs. You may click the followings and enjoy listening to them. SuukeeMei from Malaysia is particularly talented and champions the use and speaking of Hainan dialect.

海南歌曲Suukee Suukee You can access to her 24 YouTube video files there.

《 海南话 》 suukeemai 24 videos


2005年之《 家在马来西亚》 you know more about suukeemai

海南小品 《琼香茶店》 with caption



黃明志 - 史上第一首海南RAP SuukeeSuukee by Namewee

海南伯父 (高飞) 57 VIDEO

海南話拼音語音教程(t) a little boring, but very useful and thorough.

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