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Suukee is a very important Hainanese phrase. Suu: house, Kee : side. Because family lives very close by in the Hainan village, and therefore Suukee, means neighbor, and neighbor usually is close relatives. Whenever Hainnanese addresses each other “Suukee”, it means they are very close like relatives. And if you see anything bearing the name Suukee, it is definitely related to Hainan.

This Suukee厝邊rap by Namewee is regarding him going back to Hainan for his root. The theme is in Hainanese. The raps is Malaysian culture specific, outsiders may find it intrigue how we speak, mixing different dialects, Malay and English etc. The content is something like this: Grandfather left Hainan in a grass hat, short pants with 11 dollars in the pocket. He worked very hard selling roti (bread) spread with butter, Kaya and black coffee ( Kopi O). During holidays and festival, he sent money back to support his village relatives. 70 years later, his grandson goes back and is mistaken for a thief. Namewee realizes he cannot understand the local Hainanese because the styles, the slang used in the language are very different. Even Hainan chicken is different. He realizes he doesn’t belong there. He can’t communicate with his neighbor ( relative),and he doesn’t have the love for the land like his grandfather although they still share the same working ethics. He will bring back the memory to his grandfather, but he wants to go back to his own homeland which is Malaysia.

Young NameWee is brilliant. He puts in so much emotion/ memory in a single song. He conveys a general feeling of Hainanese and in a broader sense, sentiment of the oversea Chinese after diaspora of the last two centuries.

The main theme is in Hainanese :

海南人講海南話 海南咖啡真好

Hainanese speaks Hainanese. Hainanese coffee is delicious

我們都是 Suukee Suukee 我們都是Suukee Suukee

Suukee Suukee We all are Suukee

You will find it more interesting if you follow the lyrics on the youtube movie. Please click on the full article, download the Lyrics and English translation, then click on Namewee's youtube movie.

Thanks to Namewee’s talent, I never think I appreciate Rap that much!! I don’t know this ordinary sentence from our Ah Kong/ Po, “Hainanese speaks Hainanese. Hainanese coffee is delicious”,can be so so extraordinary and touches our subconscious so much!!

Lyric and English translation:

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Suukee 源自 “厝沿” 厝邊(屋邊)喻屋子週邊,“厝”字是河洛话語系的中原人所讲的话,比如閩南、潮汕、雷州及海南人。"邊沿"(海南、潮汕及閩南都唸Bi-kiBi-see), 海南人是用Su(厝)Ki(沿). 及潮汕人也有同樣的用詞,那是Choo Bi Niang (厝邊人), 但他們都是以直接了當“自己人”來相稱,所以海南話的 Sukee(厝沿)是比較超然含蓄話,只有了解海南文化才懂得用Sukee,不然只能以“自己人”(Kakee-niang), 感覺是迴然不同的,有點嬌作。Sukee 這句話是親善話來的,是百利無一弊的話,是良好的溝通用詞。但是我總覺得“厝沿”比不上另一句代名話那是以“坎坷”來代“幸苦”來得貼切,“坎坷”是古老的河洛話,唸“甘苦”(閩南人唸Kan-koh),用方言來唸是十分貼切的。我們還得找出Sukee“厝沿”的古字 -----Chik Hee

Suukee means your neighboures. We always address 同乡,Suukee, that means we are closer to each other. 这样称呼会感到特别亲切。当在外你与朋友说了老半天,最后才晓得他愿来是海南人,我们就会很自然脱口说(唉呀,都是Suukee, Suu= Kee= 边, 住在我们屋子旁边的不就是邻居吗?在海南乡下,住在你左邻右舍的肯定是你的至亲,堂的或同宗,错 了。谢谢你给我们抄来这 海南歌---

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“Hainanese speaks Hainanese”

Namewee sang
the first Hainan rap so
ng :

“Hainanese speaks Hainanese. Hainanese coffee is delicious”

海南人講海南話 海南咖啡真好喝

In the rap he mentions the Hainanese immigrant’s altitude:

One of the Hainanese inspirations is working hard

Even now they live in a different territory

Their attitude remains the same.

海南人的一種風度 就是先學如何吃苦

雖然已經換地方住 不變的是一種態

天涯海角 是回不去的老家

是養不到的媽 也是報不到的答

Now let’s enjoy the Hainanesechicken on youtube: