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Preface of “ Foo Genealogy” by ou1yang2 xiu1

PREFACE of the Foo Genealogy

By ou1yang2 xiu1宋歐陽修

符氏族譜 (Fu2Shi4Zu2pu3) Volume 1, page 6

Printed in 1937, 101 volumes, above is the reprint by Foo Tee Tay (Foo Clan Association), Singapore in 1982

Translation of the above

PREFACE of the Foo Genealogy

ou1yang2 xiu1宋歐陽修

Fu (Foo) was the descendent of hou4 ji4后稷, who was the fourth generation offspring of huang2di4皇帝. After 14th generation, they established the Zhou dynasty (1122-221 BC) The first Emperor of Zhou dynasty, zhou1wen2 wang2 周文王has a son called zhou1 gong1周公. zhou1 gong1周公( 15th generation)'s son was bo2qin2伯禽, who was made the lord of lu3 .His offspring, lu3 qing3gong1頃公( 33rd generation) has a grandson, named ya3 (0-1-35)*.ya3 governed the emperor seal for qin2 and was given the name , Fu (Foo).He is actually a native of lang2 ye2. His off spring rong2 (0-14-48), was a great scholar of East Han dynasty. After 10 more generations, an off spring name令奇ling4qi2 (0-33-67) (861-782 AD) & son lin2 (0-34) ,both great generals of Tang Dynasty and were famous for their bravery and loyalty. cun2shen3 存審(0-39-73) move to wan3 qiu1 宛邱 of the province Chen , he was also the general of Tang dynasty, who served as governor (Jiedushi 節度使 ). His son, yan4 qing1彥卿 (897-975 AD) (0-40-75) was already an authority in horse riding and archery at an early age of 13 and had start serving Tang2 zhuang1zong1唐莊宗. Later he served in the dynasties of Jin4 han4 and zhou1,, of the period of five dynasties. He was awarded with the title of the king of Wei( 魏王 wei4 wang2). During the Sung dynasty, he became Taishi 太師, and was very well treated. He had seven sons and 7 daughters. Three of his daughters were Empresses. Empress 懿德 yi4de2 of Song4 tai4zong1太宗( the 2nd emperor of Song4) was his sixth daughters. During his time, there was no match for his fame and prosperity. From then on, there were great talents from every Foo generation.

Above was recorded by the great song4 dynasty scholar ou1 yang2 xiu1宋歐陽修,the Minister of the Country History (國史 guo2 shi30), decreed by the order of the emperor Xi1Ning1

*ya3 (0-1-35): I add the 3 numbers in the bracket ( #-#-#) : The 1st number 0 indicated the person was still a resident in Main land and not at Hainan, 2nd number is the generation after acquire the last name Foo, the last number indicates the generations counting down from huang2di4皇帝, 2698BCE ( 4706 years ago today at CE2009)

周公zhou1 gong1 who was a invaluable minister for his emperor brother

魯 lu3 It is now in the province of 山東 shan1 dong1, south of Beijing. lang2 ye2 is also in Shan1Dong 1.

秦 Qing dynasty (221-206 BC) ( 秦始皇qin2 shi3 huang2, the First emperor of Qing),

雅ya3 (0-1-35) governed the seal for 秦始皇qin2shi3huang2, the First emperor of Qing, and was given the name , 符Fu (Foo)

東漢 east han4 dynasty (25-220 AD)

融rong2 (0-14-48), a great scholar.

唐朝 tang2 dynasty (618-907 AD)

令奇ling4qi2 (0-33-67) (861-782 AD) & son麟lin2 (0-34) were great generals. Lin2 was given the title of 義陽郡王i4 yang2 jun4 wang2 (he was honored and recognized in the generation poem)存審cun2shen3(0-39-73), also general for Tang, he has nine sons, most were great general, most outstanding was彥卿yan4qing1(897-975 AD)

五代 wu3dai4 (907-960 AD) 十國shi2guo2 (902-979 AD) and 宋song4 dynasty (960-1279 AD)

彥卿yan4qing1(0-40),expert in riding and archery at age 13 and already served 唐tang2 莊宗zhuang1zong1, then the dynasty of 晉,漢,周 Jin4 han4 and zhou1 of the five dynasties, He was awarded the title of 魏王 wei4wang2 ( the king of Wei). He had seven sons and 7 daughters. Three of his daughters were empresses. Empress 懿德 yi4de2 of 宋song4 emperor 太宗tai4zong1( the 2nd emperor of Song4) was his sixth daughters. Sadly, she died at age 34.

歐陽修ou1yang2 xiu1 , the great song4 scholar ,Minister to record Country History (國史guo2shi3), by the order of the emperor

Edited /translated by sun-Hoo Foo 符傳孝 (32-74-109)

Revise 10/11/2009

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