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The beginning of Foo 符(Fu2) in Hainan

The beginning of Foo in Hainan
by Artist ChitFu Yu ( )

You3Chen2 went across Hainan Island
A painting with synopsis of the origin of Hainan’ Foo Hong’s Family by CF Yu 1992

The Foo family begins with Ya3.
Ya3 is the grandson of qing3, who was the resident of Lu3
Originally his Family name was ji2. He served the Qing2 dynasty as fu2 xi3 ling4 (minister governing the royal seal), therefore he was given Foo (fu) as his family name.
During North-Sung dynasty (960-1126 CE), his offspring, You3 Chen2 有辰, lived in He2 Nan2 provinceYou3 Chen2 is Ya’s 43rd (generation) descendant. You3chen2 is also the descendant of Ling2, who was the king Of yi4yang2 and was the country grand protector general in the Tang dynasty (618-906 CE)
You3 Chen2 is the great grandson of Yan4 Qing1(897-975 CE) 彦卿, who was the King of Wei4 of the Five dynasty (906-960 CE) Due to You3 Chen2’s military achievement, he was awarded the duke served by ten thousand household. Later, Foo, in essence, became the king of the zhu1ya2 (pearl cliff, i.e. .Hainan island) You3 Chen2 was one of the 4 founding Foo fathers going across the sea to Qiong2 (i.e. Hainan) during that era that Foo in Hainan can trace their origin to.
All You3 Chen2's four sons had his talents. They all followed and inherited his position. His grandson Ren2 Huan4 and the following several generations were all in the military service, some as inspecting envoys. They Lived in Na3Yong1, which later becomes the Foo village.
Zheng4 Fang1, the 18th generation from You3 Chen2 moved and lived in what is now called wen2 tang2 cun1. Thirty first generation, Da4 Huan4 (Foo Hong) migrated to Malaysia and Brunei. Thirty second generation, Sun-Hoo Foo (32-74-109) moves to USA.
-1992 New spring by artist Chitfu Wanchun

In Summary, FOO (FU) adopted the Family Name (Surname) in 221BCE because of Ya3’s official position. Fortys three generations later, You3 Chen2 moved to the current Hainan Province.Eighteen generations later, Zheng4Fang1, moved to a small Wen2Tang2 Village and established another temple. My father, the 13th generation after that moves to Malaysia and Brunei, and I am now in USA.
Thus I am the 43-1+18+14 = 74 th generation from Ya3. One cannot describe ROOT or Ancestry without using a reference. In this example my artist friend ChitFu in 1992 painted this picture depicts the general You3Chen2 with his army crossing over the sea to Hainan, this is the critical point of reference of Foo from Hainan. He mentions my father and myself to exemplify how one can use new temple, dividing path as reference to trace our roots,and so Da4 Huan4 (Foo Hong) (31-73-108): the three numbers in the bracket means he is the 31st generation from You3 Chen2 who moved to govern Hainan, 73rd generation from Ya3, who adopted the surname, and 108th generation from Huang2Di4, 94th generation from Zhou1Gong1周公. How remarkable!! we can actually name the 73 direct Foo ancestors from the book,i.e. all 2230 years.
It is easy for those who descend from the wen2 tang2 cun1塘村 to trace their ancestry if they know some of their relatives ,for my father has published a genealogy of that village to cover the Foo who lived there for 14th generations after Zheng4 Fang1正方 moved in. To cover the whole Hainan Foo population is a bigger task, and so I mention earlier that this blog is specific for those who are linked to Foo Hong' s wen2 tang2 cun1塘村, nonetheless it is important for all those Foo from Hainan because they are most likely the descendents from one of the big 4 Foo ancestor who moved to Hainan during Sung dynasty.
--Sun-Hoo Foo 符傳孝 (32-74-109) 17 October 2009


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