Saturday, October 17, 2009

Foo Genealogy work in progress

Chik Hee is a Foo Clan brother to be admired. He is working very hard to get to the root of things. He is tirelessly motivating Foo Clan researchers to collaborate and research into our past. I like to post his work in progress here and wow !! and if you need to research Foo, he is the one to ask. Chik Hee Foo <>

10/17/09 10:27 PM

We were holding a our 2nd Cultural Meeting on 26 /27 September in Xi-an city, it was overwhelmly attended by 11 provinces Fu Clan researchers, thery are from Shanxi陕西, Henan河南, Hebei河北, Shandong山东, Shanxi山西, Jiangsu江苏, Jiangxi江西, Zhejiang浙江, Liaoning辽宁, Guanxi广西, Anhui安徽. I was there to chair the meeting, we have decided to speed up the compilation of the Langya Fu Clan Cultural Collections 《琅琊符氏文化志》,this project had been launched by Linyi Archives Board, Shandong in 2006, unfortunately there was no comparable body from Foo Clan to collaborate the significant project until we had set up the Cultural Research Group, we have lost 3 years of time thus now we are trying to catch up and intend to complete it in year 2011. I shall keep you infrom about the project.

Today, Singapore Foo Tee Tay is joining Malaysia Foo Clan Association to celebrate their new premises opening cum aniversary celebration. Besides the Malaysian Foo Clan bodies, there are clansmen from Hong Kong, Thailand, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Guangxi, our clan family is growing now.

Chik Hee

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