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Foo Hong 符大煥 Calligraphy 2:Endure忍


Foo Hong 符大煥 Calligraphy 2

Rěn    Endure

忍一時 風平浪靜
Rěn yīshí fēngpínglàngjìng

退一步 海闊天空
Tuì yībù hǎikuòtiānkōng

To endure for a while, The wind will calm down and there  will not be any wave
To take a step backward, the sea and the sky will be  wide open

Dad wrote this piece on new year day  2009 at age 89  while he was in  Hainan  . This  verse is difficult  to  translate. In the internet, I find the following. “By tolerant you gain peace and calm.; By humble you reach new horizon”
compromise will make a conflict much easy to resolve.” “
If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” However,
Endurance is a difficult act to do.  the Chinese logogram  of " 忍 endurance"  is written with a "knife 刀 刄 "  on  top of the "heart 心"

At the same time, he also calligraphed the following poem. he wants the family to unit and not fighting each other.

《七步诗》Quatrain of Seven Steps
曹植 Cao Zhi


Firing the beanstalk to boil beans,
The beans in the pot weep.
We are nurtured by the same root,
Why should you fry me so haste?

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  1. I just wanted to thank you and your father for this. I have been under crushing stress and anxiety at work, and have printed out this calligraphy and pinned it to my board. I will tell any non-Chinese colleagues who ask that this means "strength" haha.