Saturday, March 22, 2014

Foo Hong 符大煥 Calligraphy 1 : 做 To Do

(Zuò) To do*[1]
做人就應該做  Man has to do   
Zuòrén jiù yīnggāi zuò
不會做學習做  If one does not know, One has to learn how to
學會做自己做  After learning, one has to do himself and not to rely on others
做不熟常常做  If one is unfamiliar, then one has to practice
想要做立刻做  If one considers doing, one should not procrastinate
應當做趕快做  If it should be done, one should execute it immediately
窮時正當要做  If it is appropriate, one should do it even when one is poor
富時更加要做  And should do more if one is prosperous
做不好改良做  If one did not do it right, one should improve
做到死才不做  One only stops doing when one dies

In 1994 at age 82, dad suddenly took his brush and calligraphed articles and poems and pin them to the wall. it reflected what was in his mind. He went through a lot in his lifetime, and he tried to share with us but sometimes it is difficult to find the right time, so this might be a better way of expressing.

On this particular piece above , he added his prose: “Give more thoughts to all things and don’t get angry abruptly. Even if it is not applicable today, there may be a need in the future.”
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