Saturday, November 12, 2016

Foo Genealogy MOCA 2016

Foo Genealogy
presented in Museum of Chinese American 2016

Chinese American Genealogy Conference , MOCA 2016

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Foo, Fu (符)is a common last name you may not have heard of in the United States. It is at the top 1% of the US surnames (last names).

Hainan, Hunan 海南,湖南 Fu's  population account  for 72% of Foo in China. Hainan Island 海南 alone accounts for 49%.

According to the survey data in 2006, China's Foo (Fu) population is about one million, accounting for 0.075% of the China's population. It  is the the first 142 of China's 4100 surnames (ranks top 3.4%).

25% of Foo live overseas, that  population is  about 300,000, accounting for 1% of the oversea Chinese. It is 13 times more than the domestic Foo concentration.The total world Foo population is about 1.4 million .

The chinese surnames 符、苻、傅、伏's translation to English can be Fu, Foo, Phu, Pho, Pou, Pu. Because of simplification of the Chinese language, the domestic, 符、苻、傅 can be written as」 in China

In 2015 the top ten  ranking  surnames in Hainan Province  are: Chen, Wang, Li, Wu, Fu, Lin, Huang, Zhang, Zhou, Zheng. 陈、王、李、吴、符、林、黄、张、周、郑。