Monday, July 14, 2014

The wonderful life of Foo Hong by RJ Schneck

The wonderful life of Foo Hong

a man owns––by right––
every second of his life––
he is one
with every inch of space he touched––
with every vista he cast his eyes upon
which in turn touched him
a man resides as a soul in the center
of every heart he loved
& cannot die––
he lives as a spirit in every act
of loving-kindness––
in the presence of
his ancestors
love is a seed that propagates
in the roots of the past––
surges upward through & beyond
the present––
expresses itself as a wandering
green garland
radiant with abundant flowers
the good man lives for his family
& his family revolves around
the goodness of his heart––
his children are a poem
of many seasons––
the music of peace––
the odes of harmony
father was a gentleman
& a sage who lived
simply & plainly,
with few desires
he dwells among the good
& the wise––
sharing the sky
with the brightness
of a forever sun
by RJ Schneck

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