Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“Hainanese speaks Hainanese”

Namewee sang
the first Hainan rap so
ng :

“Hainanese speaks Hainanese. Hainanese coffee is delicious”

海南人講海南話 海南咖啡真好喝


In the rap he mentions the Hainanese immigrant’s altitude:

One of the Hainanese inspirations is working hard

Even now they live in a different territory

Their attitude remains the same.

海南人的一種風度 就是先學如何吃苦

雖然已經換地方住 不變的是一種態

天涯海角 是回不去的老家

是養不到的媽 也是報不到的答

Now let’s enjoy the Hainanesechicken on youtube:


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