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Brief History of 符(Foo, Fu) in now 海南省(Hainan Province)

Sun-Hoo Foo, MD (32-74) 符傳孝 30 January 2009
According to the Fu2Shi4Zu2 Pu3 符氏族谱, (0-1) (Ya3) was given the surname Foo (Fu2) by 秦始皇 Qin2Si3Huang1, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (Qin2) (221-207 BC). The Emperor gave him the surname Foo (Fu2) because of his work governing the royal seals and his subsequent title of 符璽令fu2xi3ling4. 符 雅 (0-1) (Fu2Ya3) was the minister responsible for the execution of the Emperor’s orders. His original surname was Ji1 and he was the grandson of 頃公 qing3gong1 of Lu3, the 34th descendent of 周旦 Zhou1Dan4.
Many of the members of the generations following 符 雅 (0-1) (Fu2 Ya3) were 太守tai4shou3 and 刺史ci4shi3, which loosely translates as mayors and governors. 符 崇 Fu2Chong2 (0-6) was even named the King of Qin2 (秦王Qin2Wang2). During the Han4 dynasty, our ancestor 符融 Fu2Rong2(0-14) was a prominent scholar and served in the National Academy. During the Tang2 dynasty, 符令奇 Fu2Ling4Qi2 ( 0-33, 782-861 AD) and his eldest son, 符 璘Fu2Lin2 (0-34) were prominent generals. 符璘Fu2Lin2 was given the title King of 義陽Yi4-Yang2 (義陽郡王Yi4 Yang2 Jun4 Wang2).

During the Seventh century, the second Emperor of the Tang2 dynasty ranked the most influential families of China andFu2 was included in the 甲乙姓jia3yi2xing4, i.e. Number One and Two Surnames.
The next important phase in Foo family history was during the 五代wu3dai4, the Five Dynasties Period (906-960 AD), which was one of the most turbulent and exciting periods in the history of China. Over a span of 54 years, five different dynasties rose to and fell from power. Our ancestor符存審 Fu2Cun2Shen3 (0-39) was able to maintain his general position through hundreds of battles and was appointed Manager of Calvary and Soldiers, 馬步總管ma3bu4zong3guan3. Posthumously, he was awarded the titles of governor ( 節度史 jie2du4shi3) and high officer (尚書令shang4shu1lin4).
His nine sons were famous generals, especially his fourth son, 符彥卿Fu2Yan4Qing1 (0-40, 897-975 AD). He maintained his position through the tumultuous rise and fall of dynasties and was infamous among the Barbarians from the West. A common colloquial phrase that they would use even in response to dealing with their sick horses would be “ Is king 彥卿Yan4Qing1 responsible for this too?” 彥卿Yan4Qing1 was awarded many royal titles, including King of Wei (魏王Wei4Wang2).
彥卿Yan4Qing1’s descendents were also very prominent. Many of his sons became generals and three of his daughters became empresses. The first daughter was empress of the 世宗Shi4Zong1 of 後周Hou4Zhou1 dynasty. His second daughter was also the wife of 世宗Shi4Zong1 She governed the country with 宗訓Zong1Xun4, her son who became emperor at seven years old.She later was named 西宮太后 Xi1Gong1Tai4Hou4, Grand Empress of the West Court by 太 祖tai4zu3 of song4, who overthrown the Hou4 Zhou1 dynasty.
彥卿Yan4Qing1’s sixth daughter married 宋太宗Song4Tai4Zong1 before he became the second emperor of the Song4 dynasty (960-1278 AD). When 宋太宗Song4Tai4Zong1 became the King of Jin4 (晉王jin4wang2), she was given the title, Lady of Yue4, 越國夫人Yue4Guo3Fu1Ren2. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 34, before her husband became emperor. When he rose to power, she was given the title the Empress of Exemplary Virtue (懿德 皇后 Yi4De2Huang2Hou4) posthumously.
During the Song dynasty (Song4 ), four Foo generals were sent to govern Hainan Island, the second largest island in China. One of them was 符有辰Fu2 You3 Chen2(1-42). In 1205 AD, he migrated to this southern island. Due to his effectiveness in governing the island, he was given the title the Nobleman who Received Taxes from 10,000 Peasants (萬戶侯wan4hu4hou2). His four sons were also generals. The third one , 符宗舉 Fu2Zong1Ju3 (2-44) was so well-respected that after he died he was worshiped as a god by the natives.
During the 1930s, my grandfather, 符成鋆 Fu2Cheng2Yun2 ( 30-72) moved to Malaysia and, during the 1950s, my father 符大煥Fu2 Da4Huan4 (Foo Hong 31-73) moved us to Brunei Darussalam. The Foo family continues to prosper on海南島(Hainan Island) and, to this day, plays a prominent role on the Island
To understand more about(Foo, Fu), the moment to link all FOO together and to preserve the Foo relics before they disappear forever, we have to thank符绩熙(Chik Hee) for his unyielding efforts.
To start your search of your Foo( Fu)’s root , please click the recent established site Fu (Foo) Clan Web 符氏宗親網: , and an English synopsis of the Foo
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